Jun 192013

6.17.13_side-kickToday I had a meeting with Nebel to discuss the animation job. When I arrived I discovered he has a nefarious side kick.. I mean intern.

Jun 172013

6.16.13_dogFacetimeMy parents face-timed me so I put Lenteja on camera. Then my parents put lucy on. But the dogs didn’t give a shit.

Jun 162013

Oz loves gummy vitamins.I bought some gummy vitamins and offered some to Oz. He wouldn’t stop eating them even though I told him you are only supposed to take two a day.

Jun 122013

yoga at homeI thought I would try doing yoga at home. I thought it could save me time and money and be really relaxing.

Jun 072013

archival_dickInTheSandHannah and I took Little and Bobo to the beach. At the beach someone had sculpted a big dick in the sand.

Jun 052013

Duct Tape Dress

My mom bought a pretty silver dress for dad’s gallery opening. When she got home she showed it to my dad. He said it looks like it’s made out of duct tape.